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Cheap LED Corn Lamp

LED power supply energy-saving LED corn lamps

High quality smd led corn light, From 8 watts to 250 watts, by our professional team production.We have been using Epistar, Samsung LED chip and CREE lamp beads to ensure the high quality of the light source.We produce professional LED power supply to make our LED corn lamp constant and stable operation for several years, and you could also choose Meanwell LED driver for replacement.

Powerful cooling capacity to ensure that the whole lamp temperature is maintained at a low level. and our LED corn lamp can be steady running at -30°C~50°C.High luminous efficiency and high color rendering index, it can be 160LM/W, CRI≥80.All the power factor is more than 0.90, and highly effect for electricity saving.CE ROSH approval, and We provide high quality after-sale service including a 3~5 year warranty.We believe that our price is very competitive and we will make quick response to any inquiry.

Super brightness, good color rendering, low luminous decay. High power, high efficiency, low energy consumption. Light source: with low attenuation process encapsulation of the LED corn light. Power supply: constant current; protection of over-current, over-voltage and high temperature. Material: Using high quality aluminum alloy and pc cover,excellent structure design fit for dissipation;not contain lead,mercury and other pollution elements.

Bright: Using light transmission rate of 90% or more of the cover, uniform beam angle,no glare,High brightness,High Luminous Efficiency; Life: Unique constant current driver technology makes sure the LED corn lamp work in long life stable; Perfect lighting effect, fast starting, low power consumption, no ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Quality in priority, clients the upmost. Saving Energy :Compared to incandescent lamp, it saves energy more than 80% and saves 50% energy than fluorescent lamp;

High efficiency: 4 watt corn light equivalent 30W general incandescent , 15W general energy-saving LED corn lamps.Long life: light-emitting semiconductor chip no filament, no glass bulbs, not afraid of vibration, less breakable, life of up to 50,000 hours (incandescent life of only 1000 hours, regular saving is only 8000 hours lamp life).Health: Healthy light does not contain ultraviolet and infrared light, does not produce radiation (ordinary light contains ultraviolet and infrared ray).Green: no harmful elements such as mercury and xenon, which will help recovery, but does not produce electromagnetic interference (ordinary lamp contains mercury and lead, elements, energy-saving LED corn lamps in the electronic ballast will produce electromagnetic interference).

Bset selling energy saving LED Corn Lamp E39

Super Bright – 4000Lm to 5400 Lm, 100 piece SMD5730 LEDs, 36W LED equal 300W incandescent bulb.Uses LED SMD5730 Technology to obtain 110-115 lumens per watt and project light in a 360 degree fashion. E39 LED Corn Bulb Style. LED Retrofit Bulb. Designed for better cooling with Larger Size, aluminum Heat Sink and built in fan ensure long life performance.

Pwer consumption is 1/10 of incandescent bulb, 1/3 of traditional energy-saving bulb under the same brightness.With aviation aluminium heat sink, ABS housing good corrosion resistance, energy-saving, low power consumption, longer lifespan, less lumens depreciation.LED corn light source life more than 50,000 hours, 5 times of traditional bulb. 360° Shining – no dead corner, no flicker,consistent and stable lumine scence.Easy LED retrofit. Connects directly into standard bases (E26). Just screw in. Compatible with magnetic ballasts.

Aviation aluminum to ensure heat dissipation, ABS housing good corrosion resistance.Unique design, energy saving, fast cooling,long service life,no glare, no flicker. Great for garage, driveway, warehouse, barn, patio, courtyard , garden, street, office, school, hospital, shopping mall, supermarket, station, restaurant, hotel, workshop etc, anywhere need bright light.Using ultra-bright highest level Epistar LED chips with proprietary encapsulation technology, realizing excellent luminance, low brightness decline.Constant-current driver is used to ensure the lamp working with reliability and stability.Scientifically-designed heat dissipater with much better cooling effect.Great energy-saving effect, save energy by over 70% comparing with traditional lamps.Lamp surface treated with anodization, corrosion-resistant, artistic appearance.Long lighting distance and wide lighting areas.

Low Power Consumption.Long Life – 50000 Hours, excellent heat dissipation and long life guarantee.Light Beam – Low heat generated / No UV radiation.Save Money – Reduces labour and maintenance cost.Designed as a replacement of traditional incandescent lamp . Power consumption as low as 13W.Energy saving, environmental protection, low power consumption. Isolated constant-current driver ,safe and reliable.Input with a voltage impulse suppressor, fuse, ensure security. No mercury, No UV, IR or other deleterious radiation.

Replacement bulb for general lighting, especially for museum, art galleries, cosmetic counters where UV or IR is undesirable.Villa, hotel, meeting room, restaurant, show room, shopwindow.Widely use LED corn lamp in the illumination and decoration at home.Suitable for office buildings, supermarket, hotels, restaurants, show room, club, store, garden lamp, exhibition hall.