Cheap energy-saving E26/E27/E39/E40 LED corn lamps

Extruded aluminum material crust disposed by oxide on the surface good for heat dissipation. Constant voltage source and constant current source LED corn lamps.NO shadow and shatter-resistant, Beam angle as widely as 120°,LED corn lamps widely used.Less than 65°C for surface temperature with multiple heat dissipation.High brightness of Epistar SMD, more than 85% efficiency.

High efficiency: 4 watt LED corn light equivalent 30W general incandescent , 15W general energy-saving LED corn lamps.Long life: light-emitting semiconductor chip no filament, no glass bulbs, not afraid of vibration, less breakable, life of up to 50,000 hours (incandescent life of only 1000 hours, regular saving is only 8000 hours lamp life).Health: Healthy light does not contain ultraviolet and infrared light, does not produce radiation (ordinary light contains ultraviolet and infrared ray).Green: no harmful elements such as mercury and xenon, which will help recovery, but does not produce electromagnetic interference (ordinary lamp contains mercury and lead, elements, energy-saving LED corn lamps in the electronic ballast will produce electromagnetic interference).

Protection of eyesight: DC drive, no strobe (ordinary light are AC drive, will inevitably produce strobe).Light efficiency is high: fever small, 90% of the electrical energy into visible light (incandescent electric energy conversion 80% for the heat, only 20% of the energy into light energy).High safety factor: the required voltage, current smaller, less heat, not produce security risk, in the mines and other dangerous places.We have provided many specification cheap LED Corn Lamps choices, They are include E26,E27,E39,E40 LED corn lamps vary from 15-200W.

Good replacement for the traditional PL Lamp, suitable for window display in fashion shop.Fashion show, notebook pc shop,hotel,entertainment place.E27 LED corn Lamp installation is easy, remove the traditional bulb, then connect 85-265V AC directly, without ballast, and put the E27 LED corn Lamp on as the following photos.

High Power, high lumen, high quality.Save 80% more energy compared with traditional lighting fixtures.Easy to install and use, secure and reliable.No UV or RF interference, No mercury or lead.Light body is made of good quality aluminum alloy with painting or anodic treatment on. surface, exiguity and unique design, excellent heat dissipation.High quality, high efficiency, high CRI & luminous flux, long life span>50000hrs.High brightness, low consumption, green for environment.PMAM lens, 360° for your choice.Built-in LED driver, it can work efficiently under AC85-265V in different countries and regions.Protection grade is IP65 waterproof for outdoor use.

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