High luminous efficency led corn light bulb

LED is DC driven, low power consumption device.It is anti-seismic, impact resistant,Non-thermal  radiation,secure stable,reliableWorry free for thermal dissipation, long lifespan,  compact  light body ,simple installation chic style, manufacturing excellence and  product serration.Energy saving,environment-friendly,waste free,completely recyclable.

Maintenance Free, Easy Installation.High luminous efficency, low power consumption.High Color Redering index, Ra>80, perfect for indoor using.Eco-friendly and energy saving,save up to 88% energy, compared to traditional halogen lamps.No lead, NO mercury, No UV or IR radiation.Easy to install and maintain, started without delay.

360 degrees lighting beam, used as light source of decorative lighting.Replace traditional incandescent or energy saving  led corn lamp directly, 80% energy saving.Aluminum material in the middle, so that heat dissipation well. Constant current source desigh, low decay and long lifespan above 30000Hours.Non-ultraviolet of RF interference, no flickering, no harm material like mercury, environment friendly.High voltage isolated LED driver is more safe, low voltage power supply can be used in LED solar system.

Wide led corn light bulb beam degree: to 300° degree, and reach to 900lm with power 9w.  Isolated power source, which can help short-circuit protection, overpressure, overcurrent, overheated, ovechaged, etc;Warm up time to 95% of full light output:<2S.Longer lifespan: 30000 hours;Beautiful appereance, super-brighter luminance.


100% New and High Quality!Low consumption, high brightness.Energy-saving and environmentally friendly, is conducive to recycling.Low heat generating, no UV or IR light radiation.Seismic, impact resistance, non-thermal radiation, safe and stable,reliable.Suitable  for home, office and exhibition lightingVery low heat generating, besides saving light powerIt has a long lifespan, no hazardous materials.Instant start, no flashing. solid state, shockproof.Save power more than ordinary bulbs.Made of high quality materials.

Lamp shell is high quality ceramic,  the appearances is blasting oxidation, shows beauty.Efficient milky white glass, ageing resistance.YXG miniwatt SMD light, quality is stable.High brightness output.Energy-saving green products, service life is more than 50000 hours.

Great Light Design,KW-LC Model led corn light bulb is a leap in quality compared to bulbs low-energy or incandescent or Metal halide bulb or halogen lamps as it represents a much more efficient lighting in both consumption and useful life.It has a high quality heat spreader significantly reduces the emission of heat. It has a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours. It contributes to improved environmental protection. Its wide angle opening provides general lighting with maximum efficiency.Replacing conventional bulbs in all kinds of urban street lights and bells insdustriales ,and good solutions for new install lighting project.


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