High quality LED energy-saving light&LED corn lamp


Energy efficient: In the same brightness, LED energy-saving lamp consume only 1000 hours of electricity, ordinary incandescent 17 hours of electricity consumption, ordinary energy-saving lamp one hundred hours of electricity consumption, so buy LED corn lamp can provide saving tens of thousands of users of electricity.Long life: the use of theoretical life LED super energy-saving lamp up to tens of thousands of hours, incandescent life of 1,000 hours.

Llight healthy: does not contain ultraviolet and infrared light, no radiation, no pollution. Ordinary energy-saving lamp and incandescent light contains ultraviolet and infrared.Green: no mercury and lead toxic elements, was conducive to recovery and use, and will not produce electromagnetic interference, an ordinary lamp contains mercury and lead toxic elements, while the ordinary energy-saving lamp, electronic ballasts also will produce electromagnetic interference.

Protect eyesight: DC power-driven, no flash, ordinary energy-saving light are AC drive, will inevitably produce strobe eye on for a long time disadvantage. Especially for children, young people have the best eye protection.High light efficiency: small heat, 90% of the electrical energy into visible light, only 20% of the ordinary incandescent electric energy into visible light, and the other 80% of the electrical energy into heat of limited resources is a tremendous waste. High safety factor: the required voltage, current smaller, less heat, no security risks, can be used in mines and other dangerous places.

LED Energy Saving Light with Good Quality,Independent developing electrical, efficiency higher than 95%.Long Operating Life : 50,000+ Hours (5.7+ Years).Solid-State : Fast Turn-On, No Power Surge. Variable Input Voltage: 85-265V. Light source: SSL cold light source, easy to transport and install.Ambient Operating Temperature Range: -20°C to +50°C.High-Shock & High-Vibration Resistant, Both Electrical and Mechanical.Safety Assurance: RoHS Compliant.No flickering, eye protection.Energy Saving Light,Excellent optical design and driver system to ensure the long lifespan and lighting performance.

Replacement bulbs for general lighting in hotel and household decoration, especially for galleries and courtyard.Suitable for spot light in art display, museum jewelry counters.Window display in fashion shop, fashion show, notebook PC shop etc.

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