Hot sale energy saving lamp LED corn light

Flexible design with soft light.External PF constant current source; Internal overflowing, overload, short-circuit protection.Simple design, easy installation.Range of color temperature: 2700K-6500K , Warm White/ Pure White/ Cool White.Environment friendly, no mercury, no lead, no ultraviolet, no noise and other hazardous substance.Super brightness SMD LED corn light source, 60% energy saving or more than fluorescent lamp.Quick start, no flicker, protecting people eyes.Good Anti vibration force.Long Lifespan: 30000-50000 hours.

Energy saving for LED Corn light:low power consumption, low heat, high level of brightness, uniform light-emitting.Long lifespan:the normal lifespan of LED Corn light is above or equal to 50.000H.No twinkling for LED Corn light: rapid start, steady work, no noise, no twinkling can effectively protect the eyes,conforming to CE.Green and environmentally-friendly: LED Corn light has no ultraviolet or infrared radiation, containing no mercury, lead and heavy metal.Special circuit design for LED Corn light: ensuring that each LED to work independently, the damage of single LED has no influence on the whole ,conforming to ROHS.Warranty time : 3-5years(the range of colour temperature:2800K-6500K.Color rendering index(CRI)is optional , for example we can make Ra>80.

With the upgrading of LED corn light,energy-saving lamps are the ideal substitutes of the ordinary saving lamp and incandescents.For the power,LED energy-saving corn lamp would saving up 60% more than ordinary energy-saving lamp,and 90% to incandescent.For the working life,LED energy-saving corn lamp would be 6 times longer than ordinary energy-saving lamp,and 9 times to incandescent.AC86~265V of operating voltage range,suitable use for global voltage.Applicable to homes,offices,shops,restaurants,hotels,factories of similar with lighting using occasion.

LED corn lamp 360 degree light beam ,high lumens and high color rendering index , low decay;Easy installation and easy maintenance;normal base type E can be matched.Safety in use; no UV and IR; no mercury or other deleterious material;Energy saving; low power consumption and High efficiency;High quality heat sink and scientific structure; Long lifetime: at least 50000hours;Quick start, no strobo, no flash.CE and RoHS certification;

LED Corn Light with 360 Degree Beam Angle design to make the light radiating uniformly to the ground.Easy replacement, LED corn Bulb could directly replace the traditional E40 or E27 Base CFL, HPS, HM in IP65 or IP67 fixtures.80% more energy saving compared with traditional lamps.High CRI with great directionality, CRI>80.Solves 4 difficulties for LED packaging, heat sinking, operational lifespan, luminous efficiency.High Luminous Efficiency, more than 100-130LM/W.8W-120W version without fan!

100% of the lamps will be tested and keep lighting for 24 hours to test its quality reliability , and we will also test its temperature after 24 hours’ lighting. Then after it is cool we again test 100% of the lamps to see if it still work well . Each lamp should pass all these QC procedures before shipping to customer.

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